This is what I’m thinkering with, when the time is for it. Some of the projects has been discontinuet.

Electronics projects / Embedded projects


Storing datasheets, application notes etc.



A bash script for compiling the newest set of the avr toolchain to a local directory.

avr tools build


Bash scripts for creating a raspbian image for RPI, this is not my orignal project. There is still some useful code in it. build rpi image


A set of python script to create a hiaraki block symbol. This project is archived please see blog post

gSchem Hierarki Block Symbol Creater


This project is inspired from saabman. At first it had its start from his implementations, but branch “rewrite” has a new implementation, where the “OS” of the arduino switches between the different extras every 200ms (about). This is a design choice from my side and is made to ease the impementation of new functions. As of writing there has been implemented “FollowMeHome” and “AutoIntervalRearWiper”. If you got a SAAB please take a look. SAABuino

School work


From my last examens on becoming a electrician in Denmark. This project is in danish. elt-sp

3D printing projects


Not updated much, but some openscad projects for 3D printing. openscad projects

SAAB parts

Begun work on recreating some SAAB parts for 3D printing. SAAB parts